• We are Reform Games

  • Education of Social Issues

  • to Promote Social Change!


  • Reform Games is a community interest company. We are using the medium of video games to tackle social change. Our business model centers around developing narrative focused video games based on real events that tackle social issues in order to educate people and institutions and promote social change.

our work

what we do


Our concepts will become a franchise of social awareness games where we develop digital media based on true stories not commonly told in the news about issues such as children in conflict, and other big social issues.

Customer Relationships

The biggest selling point of Reform games might be that 100% of our proceeds will be reinvested into social awareness. We will use our proceeds to develop new projects tackling new issues but also and more importantly donate a high percentage of our revenue to trusted Charities working in areas addressed in our games.


We believe in absolute transparency, with this in mind we have decided to release a hard copy post-mortem / development diary with all of our products showing an in depth look at the development, from a production point of view and a financial point of view where we give statements of production cost, and we highlight how much money we donated to charity with documentation of how our donations helped the organisation towards their goals. With this we hope to grow our partnerships with charitable originations and gain a solid player base that believe in what we do.

Reform Games

  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Reflection
  • Information
  • Charity

meet the team

  • Georg Engebakken

    Founder Creative Director

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    Georg Engebakken

    Georg has a BA in Games Art, and a technical Masters in Animation and VFX with a focus on Unreal Engine 4. He is specialized in Tech Art and team management. He has years of business experience running a tech company in Norway and he is a Director in Reform Games on a full time schedule.

  • Raj Gautam

    co founder Managing Director

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    Raj Gautam

    Raj has a BA in Business Management and Marketing and a lot of business experience in the retail, sports, manufacturing and digital sectors. She is an associate director of the company and is primarily involved in running the management, sales and marketing side of the business.

The Team

All Reform Games employees have prior experience commissioning, contracting, and developing video games. We are four team members strong and looking to develop a series of scoped titles pushing to expand a new breed of socially driven games and digital media.

  • Deepak Gautam

    co founder Technical Director

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    Deepak Gautam

    Deepak has a MSc in Computer Science and has experience as a late 90’s level designer and game modder working on first person shooter titles on the Unreal platform. Over 16 years of Unreal Engine experience. Currently an associate director of the company and a lecturer in games art and design at Teesside University.

  • Nikos Maragos

    Programming VFX Suppervisor

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    Nikos Maragos

    Nikos has a BSc in Computer Science and MA in Animation and VFX. He is specialized in VFX and works as our main programmer. He has over a decade of business experience running multiple companies in Greece. He is an employee on a full time schedule.

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