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The UKs Big Challenge

In the UK there are 24 372 Schools

Primary Schools
Secoundary Schools
  • At College level, 240,000 re-sit GCSE Maths annually.

    223,000 Fail

  • More than 500,000 Secondary school students take GCSE Maths every year.

    In 2016 (757,296 students) 39% failed to achieve a grade C in math that equates to 295,346 students.

  • At GCSE level in mathematics.

    UK Ranks 26th in the world.

  • Why is the UK so behind other developed countries?

  • Lack of Engagement (Not fun).

  • Learned helplessness (Lack of confidence and belief students can’t do it).

  • Lack skills and motivation at primary and secondary school.

  • Break the cycle of generational none learners.

  • Lacks innovations in maths lessons, and cross curriculum subjects.

  • We are Intervention specialists!

    Face 2 Face Interactive learning strives for enjoyable learning through the Mi-Box. It will ensure that your primary school learners are secondary ready, not only in their grasp of mathematical skills, but also in their ability to collaborate with others to improve their progress.

    Our Team

    Professional & Outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.

    Who are we anyway?

    Meet the team


    Founder and Managing Director

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    Chris Withers


    Product Designer

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    Georg Engebakken


    The Maths Intervention Box (Mi-Box) is an interactive tool for learning the basic principles of Mathematics that is highly focussed on student interaction and participation. It uses a hands-on kinaesthetic learning approach and encourages challenge through competition and enjoyment.

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    Product Description

    The Mi-Box Maths sports challenge is an engaging board game for up to 4 individual learners, it involves each learner picking a figure to travel around the sports track following correctly answering a number of maths questions.

    Learners will use the learning strategy tiles to determine the type of question they will be given to answer, they then use the learning board to work out the answer to the question given. If learners answer correctly they then get to move their figure around the track. The game has a high focus on learner interaction where every element is ‘hands on’. This will engage the learner in a fun and interactive way. This can be teacher led although students can compete against each other by writing their own questions.

    Mi-Box can benefit a variety of students and is particularly beneficial to those who are disengaged in a classroom setting and those who may have behavioural / social and emotional needs. The versatile design of the box means that it can be used for various different activities that hook and engage the learner.

    For Gifted and Talented students, the Mi-Box can be utilised to facilitate independent learning; further maximising the potential of the product.


    Average retention rate after 24 hours

    David Sousa “how the brain learns 3rd edition”

    Influences on learning, But what is most influential?

  • Treating children as individuals
  • Getting the level of challenge right
  • Children generating their own questions!
  • Children refl ecting on what and how they have learned.
  • Children being active
  • Immediate feedback!
  • Talking face2face interactively learning
  • Clarity of learning objective.
  • Smiling; learning in a fun way
  • The Emotional Competence Framework

    Daniel Goleman “Working with emotional Intelligence”

  • Personal Self-awareness
    Emotional awareness, Accurate Self-assessment, self-confidence.
  • Personal Self-Regulation
    Self-Control, Trustworthiness, Conscientiousness, Adaptability, Innovation.
  • Personal Motivation
    Achievement Drive,, Commitment, Initiative, Optimism.
  • Social Empathy
    Understanding Others, Developing Others, Service Orientation, Leveraging Diversity, Political Awareness.
  • Social Skills
    Influence, Communication, Conflict Management, Leadership, Change Catalyst, Building Bonds, Collaboration and cooperation, Team Capabilities.
  • Our Testimonials

    • In the period we have worked together I have had the opportunity to see Chris use the Mii-box product in a class room setting and it seems like a very good way to engage the students in mathematics.

      Georg Engebakken, Mega Overdrive Ltd

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